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Designing and delivering various workshop topics to the professional and lay community.

Addiction Counsellor Training, Youth and Drugs Program, Dysfunctional Family, Self-Hypnosis, Codependence, Inner Child, and personal growth groups.1972-1976 Adult Education Instructor.

A sleep-deprived Catherine Galliford is running on adrenalin and ragged nerves after a wild week that saw the RCMP corporal rock her employer with claims that she was sexually harassed and bullied by senior officers, even as she served as the spokesperson for two of the biggest investigations in the force’s history.

Galliford was calm and competent on camera as the public face of the RCMP’s investigations into the Air India bombings that claimed 329 lives, and serial murders committed by Robert Pickton on his Port Coquitlam pig farm.

Instead, surveillance on the farm was curtailed, indicative, she says, of the “indifference” that marked the investigation of the disappearance of women from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, and a “misogynist” attitude toward women.

She said in October 2001 she read an RCMP file dealing with the Pickton farm as she briefed herself on her assignment with the missing women’s task force.

“They took all the information that was on the original file, the firearms file, and they pretended it was new information,” she said of her supervisors.Don't be Shy - Take a Peek Inside Sexessories isn't your typical sex store.Our staff of welcoming and knowledgeable women will make you feel comfortable as you browse through our Parksville location.No further action was taken, in what she called an “appalling” lapse of judgment.“And during that time, Pickton went on a killing spree.” By some estimates, about 14 women disappeared between that period and February 2002, when a search warrant was executed on Pickton’s farm, leading to his arrest.

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