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Fortunately, we don’t allow naked images, nor pictures of children on Cheater Ville, as a matter of fact, Cheater Ville doesn’t even allow curse words, therefore those photos never went live. Retzlaff, we discovered that he had made numerous posts on Cheater Ville about additional women which he was ruthlessly stalking and under the false pretense that they had cheated on him. Retzlaff had successfully posted those illicitly obtained naked images of his daughter on other websites.

Bullyville, however, went after the owners of those revenge porn websites and, as a result, they are no longer in existence.

For the millions of fans who have used Cheater Ville as a dating resource tool since 2011, thank you for your continued support.

Cheater Ville has helped to protect and inform millions of people, especially women, of the many dangers that lurk within the online dating world.

Each of Rauhauser's four outstanding warrants involve stalking and/or harassment. Rauhauser has quite a past, which includes allegations of physical abuse towards women (his ex-wife, in particular) and SWATting his perceived enemies.

Rauhauser currently owes his ex-wife, who survived not one, but two bouts with cancer, over ,000 in back child support payments dating back THIRTEEN YEARS.

As with any website that becomes popular (if you Google the word “cheater” there are about 19,800,000 results, Cheater Ville is #4) it attracts the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Retzlaff won't give a shit because he's stalking each of them, they just don't know it yet. He is about to have a fifth warrant and it's federal for his arrest. Neal ran @occupyrebellion and @missanonnews and thought attacking people online was fun. This article really pisses me off and I'll tell you why. They have no respect for their children and hate women. The police were involved and hunter sent an email back telling them to f*ck off. I get a call at work from my daughter oneday and went to the site and it went to bullyville. The owner gets a ton of shit but he's got balls to go after these f*cktards so god bless him. RAUHAUSER BULLIES THIS SH*T OUT OF HIS EX WIFE AND KIDS AND OWES THEM 60K IN BACK CHILD SUPPORT.

Retzlaff is a criminal stalker so is Rauhauser and they work for the super duper corrupt attorney in Texas, Jeffrey Dorrell.

James like you've said many times #chinuphornsdown, you cannot give into these crooks. They bully women, they bully children, they bully lawyers, they bully judges they are due for some delicious karma so feed them accordingly. I was attacked by the kate haters for simply sending a positive tweet to her.

It is believed that Rauhauser does not possess any form of state issued ID, and relies on public transportation.

If anyone knows the physical location of Neal Rauhauser, please contact Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services at (402) 441-8715 or their toll free number 877 631-9973.

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