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•Valentine's Day Baltimore Improv Group show: One of the performing troupes features two engaged people who met through BIG.

•Valentine's Day Adventure: Zip-lining, ropes challenge and climbing tower?

On second thought, get the fried polenta with truffle sea salt and the seafood cioppino. Presented by Showspace, the Ottobar's Valentine's Day Dance Party will feature soul/funk DJ sets from Lesser Gonzalez and Young Coconut and DJ sets of "booty jams" from Jana Hunter of Lower Dens, Dianamatic and James Nasty.

Whatever your taste, you'll find one of our date ideas a good match. And because learning about animal mating calls for refreshments, there will be an open bar, hors d’oeuvres and desserts. Start the night with drinks and bowling (yes, the duckpin version is available for Baltimore lifers) at Mustang Alley's. But if you're looking for some live action (so to speak), Twisted Knickers Burlesque's "Love Stinks, the Anti-Valentine's Day Show," promises "a frisky skunk" and "a naughty avocado," among other things. Bonus: Before the show, there will also be chocolate goodies, a book sale and face painting, so kids can wear their heart on their sleeves or on their cheeks. According to the press release, "you and your partner will build trust." Hard to argue with that.

Everyone knows the couple who hold each other's hands constantly and look longingly into each other's eyes in total bliss. And don’t miss the photo ops with (hopefully nonfrisky) animals. After working out (or ramping up) the sexual tension as only head-to-head competition can, head to Heavy Seas Alehouse (located in the same building) for elevated pub food and locally brewed craft beer. For the couple who wants to get a little naughty Well, well, well. Your first option is settling in a dark theater for the sexually dark film adaptation of "Fifty Shades of Grey," opening Feb. And if your stomachs can handle it, there will be appetizers and desserts afterward.

And if you have a significant other — or a schedule where V-Day planning doesn't fit in easily — you may feel a bit panicky right now. Whether you want to go the traditional fancy-dinner route or if you're looking for something a bit adventurous, date-night options abound around the city. Single women far outnumber single men, and dining out and seeing a movie is affordable, the study's author's say. Single women far outnumber single men, and dining out and seeing a movie is affordable, the study's author's say. (Julie Scharper)You rarely see the words “Sex at the Zoo” unless they complete the newspaper headline “Couple arrested for having.” But the Maryland Zoo’s Sex at the Zoo event is something special. We have a theory that one of the most fun things in a relationship is listening in on people who are crazier than you are. For the couple looking for something simple yet memorable Not everything has to be big-budget bucket-list moments and grand proclamations, even on Valentine's Day. But if you want some family time early, try the Milkshake Band's Valentine's Spectacular. show at Grace Fellowship Church, 9505 Deereco Road. You'd do something super unromantic instead, like clean your bathroom or listen to weepy break-up songs. Here, you can mope with other folks, share your worst break-up story for a chance to score a VIP table and dress like your favorite celebrity couple who broke up for a chance at more prizes. For the couple who is especially limber We're not exactly sure what to make of the "Acro Sutra"event at Urban Evolution gym, but it surely will be unforgettable. Mortified, a traveling performance series based off the brimming-with-awkwardness documentary "Mortified Nation," brings its Valentine's Day show to town for the first time, showcasing sad but hilarious adolescent love stories.

Really — semi-naked running, a sci-fi convention and learning about animal sex are just a few of your options. Couples (and brave, admirable individuals) will learn “the secrets, scandals and shockingly true facts” about animal lovin’ and zoo-based matchmaking. Who knows what sordid affairs they'll be talking about on Valentine's Day? If all you need is a break from another night of sweatpants-and-take-out, we recommend a trip to Little Italy for the dependable one-two punch of bowling and dinner. Your children likely love the energetic band (and they're adult-friendly, too). But hey, it's V-Day is during the weekend this year. Hmm, should we do George Clooney/Stacy Keibler or go old-school with Nick Lachey/Jessica Simpson? The gist is that it's a couple's workout involving one person on their back lifting their partner into poses.

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