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Seattle Aquarium volunteers learn about the marine environment and their relationship to it.They share their time, meet people with similar interests and help guests understand the wonders of the marine world.Additional links and photos have been provided to assist you in your "learning journey" as you begin to link the life cycle of the salmon to that of the eagle, heron, bear and your own.Salmon Cam1 is focused on a fish barrier where salmon can be observed attempting to leap the barrier and swim upstream.The cameras are located at the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery near Seattle operated by the Washington Department of Fish And Wildlife (WDFW) and the Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery (FISH).Two different views are featured: Cam1 shows a broad view of the fish barrier and Cam2 views adult salmon in a holding pool.

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We have placed web-enabled cams in two settings to record different aspects of activities related to the life cycle of the salmon.

After repeated jumps, salmon try the alternative underwater flow that leads into the holding ponds.

Here they are held to collect their eggs and sperm (milt), which are carefully mixed in order to produce future salmon, which are then reared at the hatchery for later release.

Potential volunteers only need to attend one of the sessions.

The Seattle Aquarium auxiliary board invites you to Adult Swim, a 21 after-hours Aquarium experience.

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