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“It’s my hope to make radio a career at some point,” Hannity wrote in his application for a no-pay position at KCSB in 1989.

He wrote that he had “developed alot of dicipline and good-working habits.” Hannity had come to Santa Barbara in part because his sister lived there.

But Hannity demanded a public apology and double his old airtime.

The station stuck with its initial offer, which Hannity rejected. “We thought that was the end of him.” Finished with Santa Barbara, Hannity put an ad in the trade magazine Radio & Records, promoting himself as “the most talked-about college radio host in America.” From then on, Hannity, who declined to be interviewed for this article, would portray the KCSB chapter as a symbol of liberal intolerance.

People had heard about the rookie host’s inflammatory style, how he railed against “liberal fascists” and hung up on callers he didn’t like.

But the president instinctively understands that his people are Hannity’s people and vice versa. And he’s a great guy and an honest guy.” When the president was still opening casinos in Atlantic City, Hannity was systematically building a following, identifying the issues that could stir up listeners (homosexuality, he declared in his first radio gig, is “disgusting”) and portraying himself as a brash truth-teller whose plain talk was too blunt for the entrenched and the powerful.Stewart Holden, a local lawyer who volunteered for the ACLU, was intrigued.He asked his local board to take the case, even if Hannity’s show, “The Pursuit of Happiness,” had already achieved some notoriety.What Hannity has stood for — at least for the past couple of years — is Trump.Rival TV host Joe Scarborough calls him Trump’s lap dog.

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