Scheduling conflict parties for a dating service

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Your son's party on the other hand is most likely more flexible and under your control.To me, regardless of which position I would be in, I would expect the tournament to take precedence over the party simply due to the fact that I can reschedule the party, whereas none of the parents can reschedule their tournament. Your son needs to learn how to socialize and how to make friends; sounds like he's done that already, so that's not your problem. The fact that some kids aren't coming to a birthday party?It's apparent they feel that having their children participate in soccer is a higher priority than having their children participate in events with their classmates.And it could be these families feel that, with 2/3 of the males in the class participating in this sport, they're getting both at once.There we agreed to make sure that everybody prioritized class events in order to do our best to get a good class. In the fall, a previously arranged class-event was moved by a soccer-parent to avoid clashing with a soccer-arrangement (and then it clashed with our sons sport instead), but we did not make an issue out of it.

People have priorities, and sometimes they choose differently from you. His friends need to decide between going to soccer and going to his party, and he needs to choose between holding his party on that day or having it another day.

Forget that "agreement", you can't enforce it, trying to do so will only create strife.

Look at it pragmatically, next time if you consult one of the soccer parents before deciding on the date you can deal with a lot of potential calendar conflicts in an efficient manner. A possible option, if you can manage to get it going on such short notice, is having the birthday party as an afterparty to the tournament.

Today we started to get messages from the "soccer-boys" parents that they could not come to the birthday.

Some did not give a reason, but one explained that there was a soccer tournament this weekend.

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