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if they made the right choice, and how much of the potential ,000 jackpot the contestants ultimately took home at the end. “People are so addicted,” one man says, and two of his partners concur. “I guess it doesn’t matter to them anymore.” “Whoa … Another suggests: “There are other ways of pleasing yourself.” RELATED: 'American Idol' will stop in San Antonio after all Though Guillaume characterized the game as stressful at times, she didn’t go in with zero experience.

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Thankfully, debating comes naturally to Guillaume, who studied theater at the University of Southern California. RELATED: Manu Ginobili part of 'SNL's' high-rated season opener Guillaume, who attended private schools here, Keystone and Holy Spirit, before graduating in 2009 from Antonian College Preparatory High, said she was nervous that, as the youngest player, she might be overlooked and get voted off. I felt I had to be vocal.” She certainly was, particularly when it came to the aforementioned topic.

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more One American News Network anchor Tomi Lahren gave President Obama a piece of her mind on foreign policy in a You Tube video that has gone viral, reaching 1.7 million views in three days.

In the end, Guillaume, who lived in San Antonio from age 7 to after high school, is pressured into choosing what her co-contestants believe more people in America today couldn’t possibly live without: mobile phones.

RELATED: San Antonio chef psyched for 'Hell's Kitchen' return Find out at 8 p.m. I guess I’m the youngest one here,” she tells the host.

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