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At Ginny’s, there is no spinning basket of lettered and numbered balls, no elderly gentleman calling out squares.There’s just a piece of plywood, gridded with boxes numbered 1 through 54, sprinkled with feed and hand-torn bread, and enclosed with chicken wire.Willie started playing here regularly in the sixties, making Floore’s—and not Austin’s long-gone Armadillo—the refuge where he sloughed off Nashville expectations and grew into the singer/songwriter/holy man who would win over the planet.He still plays the old dance patio about once a year, and when he eases into “Yesterday’s Wine,” you’ll be able to look up at the same Hill Country stars he once dreamed on while downing the same cold Lone Star, homemade tamales, and fresh baked bread. John Spong At just before four each Sunday afternoon, grandmas, hipsters, middle-aged lovers of the two-step, and kiddos who haven’t caught up to the legal drinking age start to fill Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon.For you buy a number and hope that the “caller,” an auburn-feathered hen named Sissy, eats enough of that feed to, ahem, relieve herself on your square.If she does, you win the pot of money, which just might be enough to buy you and your friends a chicken dinner.

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Then weave through the Hill Country toward San Antonio, basking in the dry crackle of history. Snow’s is in the middle of nowhere, about an hour east of Austin.But recently we asked ourselves an uncomfortable question: If we had only one year left on earth, what would we do in the Lone Star State?A spirited conversation ensued, writers and editors submitted their picks, and more than two hundred ideas poured forth.The view is amazing—you can gaze from the Alamo down the River Walk and peer into the hazy distance of South Texas. That would all change in November, but on that day we were simply young boys in search of adventure.Stay for dinner in the revolving restaurant and watch the sun set and the city begin to sparkle with lights. It was the autumn of 1963 and my best friends, Charles Mc Commas and Greg Chitsey, and I were all twelve years old. We got free tickets and Friday off from school for State Fair of Texas Day.

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