Rodrigo santoro dating jennifer lopez

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Lo is attracted to her Parker co-star, a British action hero with rugged good looks: He’s the exact opposite of Marc, who’s been known to openly weep onstage at his concerts.“Jason’s a real man’s man, which Jennifer finds totally refreshing,” says the insider.Jen needs a partner who knows how important work is to her.” The look-alike ex: Does the sexy star have a thing for clean-cut heartthrobs?

Ever wanted to know Jennifer Lopez's love life and dating history?Although nothing is confirmed, Jennifer Lopez and Drake have both posted pictures of them cuddling on Instagram.While many fans suspect it's just a PR stunt for their upcoming collaboration, Drake and JLo have been spotted acting like a couple multiple times.which you may have heard all the critics going bananas for.The first episode of the drama, which is a remake of a 1973 film of the same name about a Wild West theme park populated by artificial beings, aired last night.

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