Rihanna and ashton kutcher dating tmz

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If he actually wanted to — and had a legitimate chance to — be with Rihanna, doesn’t he realize that lying about it (and having her catch the lie) is the worst thing he can do? But, before we get there, let’s take a quick tangent.

What made Barnes’ lie believable is the fact that Which is the first and only rule of lying on your dick.

And, from what we know of Rihanna’s dating history (), she likes them tall, handsome, rich, famous, skeevy, and light.

So Rihanna and Matt Barnes hooking up isn’t all that far-fetched.

Which, in turn, makes people more likely to believe what you’re saying is truthful. Instead of plausible deniability, it’s plausible acceptability. If Matt Barnes said he and Michelle Obama or he and Ava Du Vernay were in the beginning stages of a relationship, we’d immediately call bullshit.

That's exactly what happened to Rihanna on Monday when she was spotted with her tongue down the throat of some mystery man.

star, 51, submitted the documents to Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, March 7, TMZ confirms.

Kathy Griffin is under federal investigation for the controversial photo of herself with a bloody head meant to look like Donald Trump. On Twitter on Tuesday, Griffin wrote, “Q the botz & death threats, (I don’t give a f anymore [middle finger emoji]) but @tmz & @Harvey Levin TMZ may u never b under fed investigation like I am now.” She then deleted it and sent a similar message, saying, “Hey, (I don’t give a F anymore) [middle finger emoji] but @TMZ & Harvey Levin may u NEVER b under fed investigation like I am now.” The tweets were in response to an article from Think Progress about TMZ’s allegedly close ties to Trump.

The story claims the site’s founder and top editor, Harvey Levin, is pushing a pro-Trump narrative across all of the outlet’s platforms, including its “TMZ Live” television show, and killing stories that make the president look badly.

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