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Over the past two decades (1990-2010), this disparity between these rates has been decreasing.

Following the recession of the 1980s when the labour force participation rate dipped to 55.6 percent, the rate has hovered around 62 percent over the last decade.

These social spaces provide an outlet in the face of a country struggling with increasing crime rates targeted toward women.

On average, from primary to tertiary levels of schooling, girls outperform or have higher enrollment levels than boys in Trinidad and Tobago.

While women account for the largest entry into both the workforce and education, a 2015 study .While equal pay for men and women in public service was the rule rather than the exception, both the government and NGOs noted considerable disparities in pay between men and women in the private sector, particularly in agriculture.Historically, female labour force participation rates in Trinidad and Tobago are lower than male participation rates.This pattern has been observed for the past couple decades or so.Secondary education: In secondary schools, despite the fact that most secondary schools are structured based on a stratified system of prestige, girls consistently outperform boys in within-school and national testing.

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