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When Paruch Epan did the same, it immediately caught fire. Nrum Edan uttered his Mantra but he could not ignite and only smoke issued forth from the log.

An INTRODUCTION: The Vedas declare that a Brahmin is born into this world with three debts to be discharged. jaayamaan O vai Braahma Na: tribhir ri Navaa jaayat E/ Brahmachary ENa rishibhya:, yagjn Ena d Ev Ebhya:, Prajayya pitrubhya:// (Vide: Taittriya Samhita, Satapatha Braahma Na, Baudayana Dharma Sutra, Purva Mimamsa Darsana 6.2.11, Sabara Baashya The three debts are: 1. This can be discharged by observing celibacy (Brahmacharyam) and learning and studying the Vedas. DEva Ru Nam: Debt due to the Celestials: This can be discharged by performing one or more of the Yagjnas like Jyotisht Omam, Agni h Otram, Pancha Mahaa Yagjnam etc. Pitru Ru Nam: Debt due to manes: This can be discharged by begetting children, after duly getting initiated into Grihastaashrama (as Householder). We do this in all our domestic rituals like Sandhyaavandanam, Upanayanam, Abhivaadanam, Vivaaham etc. , Rishis becomes the principal Gurus of the respective Mantras and the founded the Gotras bearing their names. is a work that gives a list of hymns, the authors etc. It was agreed that the one who was able to generate fire in a wet log of wood would be the winner. This shows how the word was held in highest reverence in days of yore. There was a competition between one Nrum Edan and his colleague Paruch Epan as to which of them had grasped the Mantras perfectly. Part 2 (Anbil Ramaswamy) Based on the monograph of Mahaamah Opaadhyaaya Sri Srivatsaankaachaar Swami, Now Head of Dept. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Different Kinds of Rishis Rishis were classified into several categories.

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