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He later had spells in Middle Eastern club football with Al-Nasr and Al-Ahly.

As Leeds manager he was criticised for the physical and often negative approach of his teams, though the period was noted for its highly physical football across the country.

Revie scored the opening goal of the semi-final victory over First Division champions Portsmouth, having being told pre-match that opposition goalkeeper Ernest Butler tended to palm the ball over the attacker's head before reclaiming possession Revie positioned himself to take advantage of the situation when teammate Jack Lee challenged Butler for the ball, leaving Revie with a simple conversion.

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This evolved into the so-called "Revie Plan", with Revie as the central figure.His resignation as England manager fuelled criticism of him as money-obsessed, and unproven allegations of bribery and financial misconduct also tarnished his reputation.He retired in 1984, but was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in May 1987, which led to his death two years later.His role derived from the more traditional inside right position, and was based on the style of the successful Hungarian national team, and in particular Nándor Hidegkuti, who invented the role.Revie devoted 20 pages to analysing and explaining the plan in his autobiography Soccer's Happy Wanderer written in 1955.

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