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A man who may seem to be intimidated by a stronger woman is in reality may just be “turned-off” due to a desire or preference for the “old fashioned” type of girl.Granted, the person that he meets may be that type of girl, but has just had to fend for herself over the years.Being with an independent woman can expose weaknesses or challenge a man’s abilities in the skills that she knows, thus injuring his ego.They may look at women like this as threatening to their manhood and cause them to run. Nobody wants to be shown up by others, and our society has made it a weakness for a guy to not be able to do something better than a woman.It read, “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child.

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) And remember how good that felt—to find the world so fascinating that you had to learn, this second and in great detail, exactly how it worked?

There are a lot of guys still reasoning like a child.

Remember when you were little and you felt like you might explode because you had so many questions? Was it when we became busy, distracted, overwhelmed grown-ups, feigning expertise, acting like we know everything all the time? And that all knowledge exists precisely because people have, persistently and for centuries, asked tons and tons of questions?

One type of man in this category is usually not sure of himself and lacks the self-confidence.

Insecurity may play a big role which can often stem from upbringing.

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