Polysexual dating sites

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I’m too afraid to form bonds with multiple people, and I can’t do hookups/flings because I’m Ft M trans (I like to know I’m not being used or seen as female, which is easier when you know the individual well) which leaves me too anxious and self-conscious to conscious to do flings. I used to very much enjoy being poly, and the idea gets me excited once in a while still.

But most of the time I just feel dragged down, and even more so that my boyfriend is fairing so well while I can’t help but sit and wallow in the past.

On the other hand, some people have met new friends and partners on Facebook. The main subreddit is a great place to talk about poly- related issues while there is also a specific subreddit for actually meeting other poly people online.

So I think I should start out with some back story. I met my other partner online not long after my first relationship started.

Trying to meet polyamorous or poly-friendly people at bars has been an absolute bust.

I have been a lot more successful on online sites where you can search for people who are poly-friendly.

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I was skeptical, but apparently a good number if people have had luck with actually meeting people to date and not just bang through Tinder.Most of all, it’s just frustrating to feel like I’ve somehow lost something that not only I felt was a part of me, but I lost the thing that caused my last relationship to end. You have a lot to unpack and a lot that you’re understandably fragile about.I just don’t know how I can heal, or if I ever can. Yes, you can heal from the pain of being hurt and betrayed. Being trans, I expect you do have some areas in relationships where you’re going to be just awfully tender and in need of trust.Fetlife is a kink and BDSM site where you can connect with other kinksters.While polyamory and BDSM/ kink are not related there is a big overlap in people who are involved with both.

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