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A Pisces husband would sacrifice a lot to make you happy, often putting your needs and desires before his own.

At times rather overly submissive, a Pisces partner may not quite fit the bill if you’re looking for a strong, dominant husband you can depend on to take charge and carry all the responsibilities in the relationship.

Despite his genuine love for you, he can easily get swept away by a mad crush on someone he doesn’t really care about, although most of the time this never develops into anything physical.

Emotional unfaithfulness can be a problem for a Pisces husband; sexual infidelity is much less common.

Living with a Pisces Man as a Husband or Partner Because his head is often in the clouds, a Pisces husband or partner isn’t necessarily one of the easiest people to live with!

But with hidden qualities one might not expect, he’s possibly one of the most genuinely caring and sympathetic.

The symbol for Pisces is two fish moving in opposite directions. A Pisces man will always have inner turmoil, constantly trying to find a balance between his rational side, and his impulsive side. The Pisces man will want to keep his life stress free.

Like the fish in his symbol, his mind may stray from conversation because he’s always thinking. Because he’s already so full of emotion, any additional stress can make him pull away. He’s going to be very introspective; he’ll need some time to himself to work out his thoughts and feelings.

Because of the deep connection he has with his emotions, he’ll likely be artsy: a writer, musician, or something in the creative arts field. He’ll be happy to spoil you with gifts and compliments and even just a token show of appreciation will keep your Pisces man content. Though I’m sure he’ll appreciate any time spent in the bedroom, he will most enjoy role-playing and fantasy.

Tightening his money belt might be an issue for him.

He’s an emotional man, and that means he will be impulsive with his spending. The Pisces man will mostly be trust worthy, but don’t forget that he’s a mix of ALL the signs.

Because domestic chores aren’t usually his top priority – and on some level he actually seems to prefer chaos to order – it’s likely to fall on you to take care of most of the practical tasks involved in running the home.

In return your Pisces husband will do a wonderful job of looking after your day-to-day emotional wellbeing: a very good listener and a wonderful hand holder, he’ll always be there for you when you need him.

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