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Like I said before, if there is a consensus agreeing to post this photograph of a bar called "Pinoy Bar" in this wikipedia article entitled "Pinoy" (NOT entitled "Types of Bars" or "Examples of Bars"), then I suggest it should at least not be posted in the introductory section of the article because it is irrelevant and because it does not give an accurate visual representation that aids the reader to further understand what/who a pinoy is. XXXpinoy777 (talk) , 5 November 2010 (UTC) If I could find those past discussions I spoke of, there would probably be some bits in there where I opposed deletion of the photo on the grounds that it was considered by some editors to be offensive.

And as for a consensus, I read here on this discussion page that there isn't much of a consensus agreeing with you or supporting you that this photograph should remain posted up on this article. The two initial comments in this talk page section seem to fall into that category, and I think that the items to which I pointed do speak to those expressed concerns. Deletion on the grounds of irrelevance to the topic is a different breed of fish.

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Instead, the photograph is out of context and irrelevant (Thus, unnecessary to be included in the article) to the original meaning and definition of the word "pinoy." In other words, the photograph of the bar called "Pinoy Bar" is not in accordance with, does not involve, and is not a visual representation of the primary or strict meaning of the term, "pinoy." Hence, the photograph is not a visual representation of the literal meaning of the word, "pinoy."Allow me to explain.This article follows the spelling conventions found in Philippine English (color, realize, center).Some terms used in it may be different or absent from American English, British English, or other varieties of English.Might be interesting to add some details about exact dates, name of one or two prominent fighters, what was different in their fighting style and what rules were changed. nn "Both Pinoy and Pinay are still regarded as derogatory by some Filipinos though they are widely used and gaining mainstream usage." Is this actually true, or should it read 'some Filipino-Americans?' The word is used [everywhere in the Philippines itself](

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