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The websites were: The defacement is a bit funny because the defacer somehow misspelled the word Philippines.(lol) My first impression with the retaliation of the Pinoy or Filipino hackers over the UP incident is that it could trigger a cyber war between these two countries.A few days later, some defacers vandalized the official website of the University of the Philippines and left a note that they were from China and that Huangyan Island is theirs and not the Philippines.News spread regarding the defacement and intrusion of the hackers, who claim to be from China, and because of that a hacker who goes by the handle busabos retaliated and defaced three Chinese domains:, com and They are counter-productive and will only add to the tensions.We call on both Filipino and Chinese netizens to be more responsible and encourage dialogue rather than discord.” However, his statement is of no use because they can’t control the minds of the people behind the cyber-attacks, and the country has no Cyber Security, Forensics and Information Security agency that takes action in this kind of situation.

Is this really a DDo S attack from China or is it just that the servers used were from China and the real perpetrators are not really Chinese?

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In fact, he has a lot of notifications and archived defacements in Zone-H.

After a few minutes, a guy named Supra Dick also showed his four defaced Chinese websites in the same fan page.

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