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Researchers said that many would-be students have been left worried and confused by the prospect of leaving home to start higher education.

The study found 61 per cent of millennials are anxious about the prospect of starting university, while 58 per cent are having trouble sleeping and 27 per cent are having panic attacks.

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The research found that more than half of prospective students don't know how to pay a bill and that many believe that nights out cost more than paying rent.

Experts believe it shows a shift in generations, with millennials being comfortable to talk about their problems rather than turn to the bottle.

Nichi Hodgson, a dating guru involved in the report, said: 'Generation X were still suffering from a stiff upper lip problem, they used drink and drugs to hide their problems.'Younger people don’t want to cover up their problems with drinking and drugs, they want to face them.' Millennials aren't ready for the 'reality of life' and suffer from panic attacks and anxiety problems, research revealed in July.

They then relax, so the heart can fill with blood again.

In atrial fibrillation, the walls of the atria — the upper chambers of the heart — no longer contract as normal, but quiver or squirm.

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