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Why the need for such a seemingly unnecessary delay?

In this astonishing act Hashem is teaching us a most profound lesson: Undoubtedly, He could have chosen the perfect bride-the prettiest, the wealthiest, the most intelligent of all.

He could certainly have arranged the wedding before they “went off the derech”!?! What practical lessons can we extract from this Divine act in order to guide us in our pursuit of a suitable bride/groom?

If G-d in all of His glory not only accepted and expected flaws and differences, perhaps we too, are expected to follow suit.

This “float” among days of the week is why this second clue is so powerful.

Putting these two Biblical puzzle pieces together, we see that the crucifixion must have occurred in a year when Nisan 14 happened to fall on a Friday, Preparation Day. Ancient non-Biblical historians record that Jesus was condemned to death by Pontius Pilate Josephus records in Antiquities, Book XVIII that “...

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