Paolo dating

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As a result, this can often risk the show falling into a Romantic Plot Tumor.Furthermore, except in rare cases the False Lead is unlikely to generate the same loyalty or sympathy as the main character, meaning that if your audience is Genre Savvy about what's happening they're likely to just spend the time the False Lead's around loudly wishing for him or her to just go away (and possibly die) already so the two characters they're interested in seeing together can actually get together. If the false lead is too likable, then the jealous character will seem like a selfish jerk who cares more about winning their beloved for themselves than seeing them happy — or alternatively, since 'perfect' tends to equal 'uninteresting' in the minds of many when it comes to fictional characters, a perfect and nice character will just lose the audience's interest in comparison to the more flawed and interesting main character.Sometimes to up the angst, the writer will go so far as to marry the love interest to the false lead.If this happens, expect the Official Couple to have a tawdry affair.

Included in the UNESCO Heritage Site, Valle dei Templi (Valley of the Temples in English) is not only one of the most outstanding examples of Greater Greece art and architecture, but also one of the main national monuments of Italy.Usually, the character is either an alpha-dog Jerkass or a bland, boring milquetoast.They may also be the character's Always Someone Better or The Ace to really inspire the Green-Eyed Monster to take hold.It's mainly known as the cradle of the Italian mafia, but just thinking of Sicily as 'mafia-island' would almost be considered a cultural cruelty.Sicily boasts five of the biggest archeological Unesco sites, has several excellent, Blue Flag-rated beaches and has 11 Michelin-starred restaurants, just to cite a few numerical details.

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