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If you ask them you want to manual program you DROID phone they CAN NOT/DO NOT want to help. ON your phone Pass the activate screen (see above) Go to phone mode dial ##PROGRAM (##7764726) hit Send (CALL BUTTON) put in the SPC code which "000000" (six zero) press VERIFY Next screen, Go to selection "01 User Activation" Replace the MIN number with the MIN number that you get from PP. Do this 3 times to see "skip" - Dial: ##778, Press Dial - Select: Edit Mode - Enter Security/Pass Code: 000000 - Open: "Nam Settings" - Change MIN1 with last 7 digits of your MIN(If you used the above link, you would have got it through email.

Replace the MDN number with your new PP phone number that you get from PP. Or kittywireless has a page where you can get free status) - Change Min2 with first 3 digits of Min.

Call Page Plus Add ESN - Activate new ESN or Port (this is the best time, if you want to port your number) Check Verizon's Port Checker. But my DROID cannot be activated this way I have to do manual programing.

AC15 UTStarcom CDM-7025 – 106K7A_GC Nokia 6265i – V HL100V120028-07-06 RM-66 Nokia 6265i – V HL100V160019-03-07 RM-66 Motorola K1m KRZR – 24.0_00.26.1A (Motorola Software Update) Motorola L7c SLVR – 24.0_00.26.1A (Motorola Software Update) Motorola Q9c – NL-BP_C_R ( Motorola Software Update) Motorola V3c RAZR – GATW_R ( Motorola Software Update) Motorola V3m RAZR – NCR_01.1E.00R ( Motorola Software Update) Motorola V9m RAZR2 – SPARK0_X_02.0D.0CP ( Motorola Software Update) Motorola RAZR VE20 – VEGAS4_P ( Motorola Software Update) Motorola W315 – R31-1_R ( Motorola Software Update) Motorola W385 – JFJK0 ( Motorola Software Update) Motorola Z6m ROKR / Z6tv RIZR – SPARK0_X_P ( Motorola Software Update) This area is for phones sold in the United States, but not under a specific carrier.

ACTIVATE MOTOROLA DROID on PAGE PLUS - Direct and manual programing After my 48 hours crazy experience on activating my droid to page plus - I just would like to share this to everyone.

This page keeps track of the latest releases of firmware (commonly referred to by many companies as software) of the phones that they sell or have sold in the past.

Phone updates can offer new functionality, fix hundreds of bugs, and improve phone reception all in one release!

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