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Mister Forstmann’s fabled Manhattan duplex penthouse, perched 13 and 14 floors above the uppity corner of Fifth Avenue and East 70th Street in a boutique-sized building designed in 1928 by high society architect Rosario Candela, has a wrap around terrace with unobstructed views over the Frick Museum and pretty much the entirety of Central Park.

The three bedroom aerie was never on the open market but in early March (2012) all the New York City property gossips went bonkers when it was revealed to be quietly shopped around off market by a couple of New York’s most discreet and successful lady real estate brokers with a ,000,000 price tag.

A fully equipped, kitchen-sized butler’s pantry connects through to an roomy and expensively finished center island eat in kitchen with wide bay window that sucks up long, seaside-y views over the sunken tennis court and beyond the rolling dunes to the blue expanse of the Shinnicock Bay.

At the time he died Mister Forstmann maintained at least three exceedingly luxurious residences: a 4,000 square foot duplex penthouse atop one of Fifth Avenue’s finer co-ops; a supremely located ocean front estate in the Hamptons; a privately situated estate near the top of Coldwater Canyon in the Beverly Hills Post Office area.

Mister Wynn opted, instead, for Central Park South where he dropped a heart squeezing ,000,000 for an almost 11,000 square floot duplex atop the Ritz-Carlton.

Anyhoo, The building’s choosy co-op board quickly settled on a sufficiently qualified and socially acceptable buyer for Mister Forstmann’s penthouse: an obviously sick-rich Westport, CT-based woman named Laure Sudreau-Rippe, described here as “an attorney and a minority owner of the [family owned] agricultural commodities conglomerate Louis Dreyfus Holding BV.” Miz Sudreau-Rippe paid, according to property records, ,000,000 for the penthouse, ,000,000 over the reported asking price.

Listing details show the property benefits from more than 200 feet of dune protected beach frontage on the back side and long views over the sunken tennis court and beyond the rolling dunes to the Shinnicock Bay on the front side of the house.

A long boardwalk shoots off the expansive deck that extends off the rear of the mansion’s upper level and makes what might otherwise be a long, bothersome slog over the dunes from the swimming pool deck into a much more elegant and facile endeavor that can be done without breaking a sweat and without spilling from a tumbler full of ice cold gin & tonic.

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