P2p list not updating

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Delivery Optimization is a peer-to-peer client update service that uses PCs, both local PCs and nonlocal devices via the Internet, to deliver updated Windows 10 bits to an organization's networked PCs.

It combines partial bits from PCs with partial bits from Microsoft's datacenters to update a computing environment.

Group can be used to make the peer-to-peer sharing happen with local machines, Niehaus explained.Until September 2013, I-Blocklist, the supplier of the blocking lists Peer Block uses, supported unlimited free list updating.Since September 2013 updates were limited to once weekly, except to paid subscribers.Microsoft unveiled the Delivery Optimization service last week as a feature that got initiated with Windows 10 version 1607 (the "anniversary update"), which was released on Aug. However, the Delivery Optimization service also works with Windows 10 version 1511, although there are a few nuances.The details were explained by Michael Niehaus, a Microsoft senior product marketing manager for Windows, in a new announcement today.

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