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Com\Username ,or .local refers to your local domain) Means my Source Forest Note : After Storing your Credentials – Do not Close Shell – You got to run the Future Command in the Same Power Shell Session Step 9: Now Preparing a Move Request Browse your Exchange Management Shell into Scripts Folder in your Target Forest , Which will be in Exchange installation Location .\Prepare-Move Request.Ps1 -Identity "Email Address" -Remote Forest Domain Controller "FQDN of Source DC" -Remote Forest Credential $Remote Credentials -Local Forest Domain Controller "FQDN of Target Forest DC" -Local Forest Credential $Local Credentials -Target Mail User OU "Distinguished name of OU in Target Forest" –Use Local Object -Verbose Using –Verbose in the end of the Command You can clearly see what are the Attributes its getting touched Mail, Display name, Proxy address etc..Article Assumptions: 1- You have a very good knowledge with Exchange 2010.

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And provide them with anywhere access to email, calendar, and contacts on all major browsers and across devices.

Now you can See a Disabled account which has been Created on the Specified OU Step 10: Now use ADMT to migrate the SID and Enable the Target Account which is “Mailbox1” in my Scenario See- How to Migrate Users Across forest (Cross Forest) using ADMT 3.2 with sid and Passwords Now you can find the SID history of the account , Where you can confirm that you did things correctly Now your AD account will get Enabled Step 11: Now your Account with SID and password as been moved, But still your Content of the mailbox hasn’t moved yet.

Which is moved my a remote as below Now moving the mailbox using a Remote move request Now you can See a Remote move has been Completed Now you won’t be able logon on the new forest directly as you required to change password as first logon To avoid that situation See- How to Disable “User must change password at next logon” after cross forest move using ADMT 3.2 Open Adsiedit –Set pwdlastset to –1 or just login to a client machine and change the password at first logon Great !!

Skip it if you want to share Free/busy information between these forests.

If source domain is always going to exist after migration .

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