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And this was coming form people who knew I used to live in Toronto!!!!! The only sirens you ever hear there are the Tornado Horns during storms! No one seems to have any ambition and the people I knew years ago that weren't doing anything with their lives, are still not doing anything with their lives. Also a place to go during exam week in between exams.

The same bums are in the same places and the downtown still looks like crap. The thing about Sarnia is that you leave (lived there for 20 years) and when you go back to visit, the same people are doing the same things.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... into the polluted waters,knowing people have died...annnddd the water is still do it - No matter where you go, Sarnia will always have the BEST weed..matter what anyone says (everything good, has to go through sarnia) - Kathleen Street is the hood - Every high school had a bad reputaion or name: S. - Even though you hear stories about 'rapists' or 'assaults'..still feel safe enought to walk your drunk ass home at night - You know what The Boat building is - Swimming across the river to the States has been,still is, or will be a dream in your life - You went to the cinema beside the old Eaton's Mall (now bayside mall) - You refer to it as "putt-putt" not "mini golf" - You swam at Jackson's pool..pee'd in Jacksons've gotten pink eye from Jackson's pool - You dont know why that big plane is in Germain park,and have thought at one point that maybe it just landed there - You know who "Back Alley Sally"(or "Bag Lady") is and that she's - You've had a good converstion with Happy harry Suitcase sam about 'cults' (a.k.a rivercity) - When you cant find your friends in the summer, chances are they are at the beach - Baxter beach parties now get broken up at 9pm..then start again at pm - School gets cancelled because of "Fog Days" but the fog is gone before school starts - Most of your friends live in walking distance - You see the signs posted at the beach about the unsafe still swim - Most of our teachers have taught our parents - Tim Hortons is a fashion statement - You've hung out in the parking lot at Canatara beach on one or more occasions - You've drank underage at Canatara Beach on one or more occasions - Most of all..dont realize how great it is...

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.- You know what a river run've been on them many times - You've eaten fries under the bridge on many, many occasions - You go fishing for 'goobies"... Until you're gone How about partying on Stag Island?

S -Sarnia's Collection of Idiots and Training Sluts, St.

(My roomate was younger than me)Friggin' missed Bayfest AGAIN this year from Work. Well I know we had the 1st POF party there and I sang on stage and it was great. I also know you can't get much to eat after in the morning.

Got to get my sober azz down there for some Uncrontrollable Alcoholism Traning! Good times, good people, and GREAT fights @ Taco Belle at 2 in the morning! aka."If you can possibly get cut-off in 'The Sation', you KNOW your drunk! I was born and rasied here, my friends and family live here and I love em all, they are the greatest bunch of people we have so many great times together and lots of memories. It is a fun city and a great town to drive in though.

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