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I think that having the military on your "résumé" can be a divisive thing, and am just wondering on peoples' opinions on that. I've been out of the Army for about a year now, and it really varies a lot. If you have been in the military then you probably have more structure to you life but depending on what you have seen then you could have some emotional and mental baggage( that doesn't mean crazy). I've never had my military service be anything but a source of pride from the women in my life.

Some people will treat you awesome just because you're a veteran, others will treat you like crap. Either way I think all military men deserve respect and recognition. Deployment is hard on a family, but it is what it is. When it comes to military men, former or current, one of my general assumptions is, that they are okay with owning guns and using guns on people. The bottom line is, your lifestyle and that of your (future) partner need to match (at least to some degree).

Helps you (and us) weeding out the less compatible fishies from the very beginning. I have met a few who were in the Military and the only issue I noticed was it was all they talked about and all they thought about to a point where I started to think do I really want to hear about this all the time? that's because ANYTHING you do in life, including NOTHING, will cause you to be someone different afterwards.

People choose these days to go in the Services and where I am thankful for it, I also do not feel it makes them so much better than anyone else. Hence people come to assume things, many of which are actually correct. Further, there are different KINDS of ex-anythings.

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he turned out tto have post traumatic stress ......For instance, there may be stereotypes about political affiliation, aggressiveness, PTSD, etc.Also, I've had a woman tell me that my service gave me an "edge," while another assumed that every man that had been in the military was full of themselves.(imagine officer and a gentleman)it really IMO depends on where the lady grew up.if she grew up around a military base her whole life- she will have had experiences with soldiers or her friends have or whatever...

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