Online dating chiang mai thailand

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When you have a look at the history of Chinese people in Thailand it is quite obvious why the skin of the girls in Chiang Mai is so white.Compared to other big cities, Chiang Mai is closer at the Chinese border.Some of them are very good at hiding their naughty side. One thing I hate about the girls in Bangkok is that many of them are extremely materialistic. They have to have at least one gadget with the bitten apple symbol.They have to wear the latest designer clothes from Siam Paragon. The influence of the Western “keeping up with the joneses” mentality has a huge influence on the younger generation of Thais in Bangkok. One thing I love about the women in the north is their friendliness.They walk as if they have all the time in the world and they drive as if the street is collapsing behind them. Now imagine this walking style at least seven times slower. The good news is that the girls in Chiang Mai don’t need to spend a lot of money on skin care products.The first thing that came to my mind when I walked through Chiang Mai was “ In case you are a like me and you love efficiency and punctuality, you will get crazy in the north. While the girls in the other parts of the country are obsessed with bleaching their skin, the girls in the mountains don’t have to do that.

In Chiang Mai you need at least twice as many approaches to find a girl who can say more than her name. There is one thing (besides their non-existent English skills) that I have to warn you about.

Just be prepared for a very long conversation on the first date. You can find a lot of dark-skinned girls in the south and in the Isan region, but you won’t find a lot of them in the north.

So in case you are attracted to light-skinned Asian women, Chiang Mai is your paradise.

There are mainly two reasons why those girls are whiter than other Thai girls: The climate in the north is much colder than the climate in the other parts of the country, at least in the winter season.

That’s why the girls are not as tanned as the ones who live in the south or in Bangkok.

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