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I don't mind starting the day not knowing how it'll end... I'm afraid I can't cook, I could burn water, so that side of things would have to come from you! I am interested in reading, family history, social history, travelling and meeting new people and learning different languages.

I am run my own business, working with dogs as a Canine Behaviour Specialist. I also like the Theatre and watching Supernatural and Lucifer, anything about Angels and their story. ;-) I have a typical British dry (and funny) sense of humour and love a good laugh. Either on the sofa talking or watching TV or going out. I am Demi Sexual and i need a connection with a person but I feel it's fun to get to know someone anyway.

Compensation will be the cooperative and compassionate companionship of a big ole incorrigibly charming and chivalrous honeysuckle she-bear American softy butch, who is for comfort (not speed) cozy, laid back, romantic, affectionate, groovy, honest and decent with a dash of deviance.

Together, you will share conversations of atoms, parallel universes, the meaning of life, naked daisies fornicating, hidden doors in our souls, epiphanies, blasphemy, whimsical impossibilities, waking dreams and the masquerade of identity.

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There must be a sweet honest, fun person i can have a laugh with, out there. I have an illustrious and rare opening for a warm, delightful woman to fill my heart and arms with warm witty goodness.Our Dating Agency in Essex boasts countless happy couples who have met through our team of experts.You will be amazed at how many single people live in your area that you do not meet in your day to day life.We realise opposites attract but we believe that a firm common ground is essential for a successful long distance relationship.If you are looking for a partner, let’s say, in Essex, you may specify to us the distance you are willing to travel.

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