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This has a few advantages: – You actually get encouragement and support from your female peers, and perhaps your group can even brainstorm for how to actually change things in the industry (or at least in your area).

At the very least you can educate other women that these kinds of comments are not acceptable, which in and of itself might change things.

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First, let me just say that this doesn’t sound so “casual” to me — the fact that these men were making these comments knowingly in your presence is shocking, and says a lot about the power dynamics at that lunch and in your sector.

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) Whether it’s company-wide or city-wide, this is the perfect kind of impetus to create a networking group for women in your niche area.

All it takes is one or two women at different companies to get the ball rolling; you could even reach out to your alumni groups to see if other women are working locally.

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