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And it makes so much sense why we need lactation consultants (no more communal living to learn from our moms and sisters).I am so thankful for the ‘sisterhood’ community I had with my cousins and the motivation from my mom, who passed down their wisdom.(Sounds like a lot, but by just keeping them in mind, you’ll be doing tons of them without even realizing it!) (a) exercise 1 – Squeeze tight, hold 3 seconds, release (repeat) (b) exercise 2 – (aka ‘the flicker’) – Do 3 short/quick ones, then on 4th squeeze tight, hold 3 secods, release (repeat) (c) exercise 3 – (aka ‘the elevator’) – Imagine moving your pelvic muscles up and down a 3-floor elevator – go slowly up floor #1 (pause), up to #2 (pause), up to #3 (pause), then release back down to floor #1 (you can vary these, like go from floor 1 to 3 and down to 2 back to 1; or 1-2-3-2-1, etc.) We are conditioned (especially in the U. In other countries around the world, birthing is easy and virtually pain-free because they have grown up expecting it to be easy and pain-free.I could never have encountered my two “dream birth” experiences without it.So I feel a duty to my sisters of the world to pass down the Top 5 things that helped me enjoy the journey from pregnancy to birth. A positive birth (and post-partum) experience is very much connected to your expectations. The best you can do for your peace of mind (and body) is to imagine your dream birth, prepare in the best way you can, and then surrender to absolutely any outcome.Written by Tessa // October 04, 2012 // Pregnancy Pregnancy can be uncomfortable, and the thought of birthing is super scary.

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As often as possible, become completely ‘limp like a noodle,’ use your imagination to take yourself to another place (your partner can whisper a description of your favorite place to get away, such as a beach setting, or other peaceful place), and let your uterus do its job.(The birthing ball is also excellent on birthing day, to help baby descend and open [dilate] your cervix.) -SQUAT – [to stretch and elasticize your skin] Do this as often as possible. -KEGELS – [to strengthen your pushing muscles and pelvic floor] As you read this, pretend you’re going to the bathroom and flex your pelvic muscles to stop your pee. These exercises are helpful before and after giving birth, so you keep your lady-part muscles tight and strong. You can even set aside time for it if necessary (e.g.while doing dishes, while watching TV, etc.) Ideally you want to be doing several hundred of these per day.I recently coached a couple for birthing, and the woman loved the word “surrender.” Pick a word or phrase that works for you.Without having to buy anything, download these 2 free MP3 tracks to get you ‘in the zone’ of comfort and relaxation.

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