Naughty chat rooms without registration

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There's no application fee and it only takes about 3 minutes to apply.You will receive a response within 1-2 business days except in cases of event days where approval will happen within a couple hours.In the erotic zones, there are a variety of room types including fully enclosed rooms, semi-private rooms and open areas so you can play at whatever pace you are comfortable with.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Due to the naughty nature of our parties, we do have some members attending who are swingers.If you're looking to get extra naughty, you'll just have to ask around to find them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a member of Eden, you'll have access to our online community as well as the HOTTEST Hedonistic parties in Vancouver for a very economical price.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To register login to the site useing your Eden email address and assigned password. As a result, men are only able to attend with their beautiful date, or with a member couple.And, once inside, you must be on your best behavior at all times as your behavior is a direct reflection on the lovely lady or couple who brought you in.

Eden features the HOTTEST hedonistic parties in Vancouver for sexually adventurous couples and single ladies. A little taste of paradise where couples and single ladies can explore their sensual side, dress as sexy as they DARE, or even fulfill their naughtiest fantasies. We've held 100s of events and have had over 17,000 members join our club since opening in 2006.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eden events are held in private, quality, pre-approved locations throughout greater vancouver.

As always, be respectful of everyone's boundaries, exercise discretion and remember that "no" means "no". The price of each event is listed on the events calendar for each event.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please read our "Commandments" page for a full listing of Eden rules. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eden is a little taste of paradise where ladies can explore their sensuality in a safe, pressure free environment.

Because of the nature of our parties and "mature adult content", everyone who attends our parties must become a member.

To apply for your membership and attend your first event, visit the "join today" page of our site.

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