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Conversely, some animals may have a recorded pedigree or even a registry, but not be considered "purebred".

Today the modern Anglo-Arabian horse, a cross of Thoroughbred and Arabian bloodlines, is considered such a case. In dogs, the term breed is used two ways: loosely, to refer to dog types or landraces of dog (also called natural breeds or ancient breeds); or more precisely, to refer to modern breeds of dog, which are documented so as to be known to be descended from specific ancestors, that closely resemble others of their breed in appearance, movement, way of working and other characters; and that reproduce with offspring closely resembling each other and their parents. New breeds of dog are constantly being created, and there are many websites for new breed associations and breed clubs offering legitimate registrations for new or rare breeds.

For some parents, naming a baby is a challenging but fun process. But there are ways to cope with the indecision and decide on a name you're happy with.

While many of us use our real names while surfing online, there are others who prefer to be known by a username which does not identify them in any way whole online.

There are also many people who opt for cool usernames to project their individuality.

When the lineage of a purebred animal is recorded, that animal is said to be pedigreed.A pedigreed animal is one that has its ancestry recorded. The number of generations required varies from breed to breed, but all pedigreed animals have papers from the registering body that attest to their ancestry.The word "pedigree" appeared in the English language in 1410 as "pee de Grewe", "pedegrewe" or "pedegru", each of those words being borrowed to the Middle French "pié de grue", meaning "crane foot".But if you want to be unique, then put on your thinking caps and come up with a creative name for yourself.You can be sure that it will be individualistic and define who you are.

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