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My bet is that some solution building on the concept of social email will accelerate our transition away from email, although email will be supported for decades to come.

At first, email will continue as a major conduit for communication and coordination, but over time, its use will decrease, like surface mail has.

I elaborated on Taleb’s argument, focusing on email.

Given the age of email, I suggested we will be using email for at least another fifty years. Mail nudged me to consider what a social email solution might look like, contrasted with today’s ‘naked’ email.

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Scoble, a video blogger for Microsoft, and technology guru Israel have put together a bible for business bloggers.

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This last week, Microsoft announced it would be turning off Microsoft Messenger on 15 March 2013, and transitioning users to Skype.Communication technology is constantly evolving, and that has been especially true in the past decade where the social revolution has grabbed and twisted most communications paradigms, but at the same time seemed to leave some unchanged.In the past week I covered a lot of products and announcements that show this strange dichotomy.Imagine a social tool in which an ongoing email thread — for example with a business customer or prospect — could be treated as a social object, like a document with several sections.Social email users could share that object with others in their workgroup, for example, annotating the thread, and assigning someone in the group to follow-up with the customer.

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