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It is very important that you have good command over language, make sure to speak more slowly than you would normally.

Always make an eye contact throughout the interview. Pre-interview practice is extremely important to overcome nervousness during the interview.

If all the comments on this week’s earlier post on changing up your hairstyle didn’t confirm that, I don’t know what will.

The brand was started up by Andy Katz Mayfield and Jeff Raider.

While I invest some time and money into this highly valuable education, the pay offs will be well worth my time and money.

Certainly, Raj’s responses demonstrates how one can keep the conversation going in a professional and positive way.

The latter was also one of the wizards behind innovative eyewear brand Warby Parker.

Enthusiasm is extremely key for a successful visa interview, make sure you have a confident smile while you interact.A market dominated by only a few players, where – at one end – razors found at drug stores were advertised like race cars (think lightning bolts and lots of “Pfsssssheewww!” sounds in commercials), and at the other end, high-end shaving supplies sold for the price of a steak dinner in places that feel like there should be ragtime on the stereo when you walk in the store. I love how much thought went into every inch of the brand: razors crafted by German engineers, shaving cream blended by some of the top chemists in the industry, and for each set of blades purchased, Harry’s makes a donation to charitable organizations.First up: The Mission Continues, a group that awards fellowships to veterans of recent wars. As the guys put it, “We give a shave about helping people look and feel great, including those who might need a hand.” Love that. Well, if you’re into design, you’ll definitely dig it.

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