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Unfortunately the person I met was obviously in the exact same boat and I think neither of us was up for it.He'd just got divorced and I ended up counselling him and by the end of the date I was telling him that he wasn't really ready to meet someone new and that he should probably stay in for a while.

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I thought he seemed familiar but I couldn't quite place him.

It's because the internet is actually a very strange way to decide what you think about a person. Lots of people lie about their age, which is annoying but I suppose you can understand.

But bizarrely, lots of men lie about their height as well, which makes no sense because as soon as you meet them they've been busted. Using a very old photograph is another common thing, so when you meet them they look nothing like their picture.

He mainly talked about how much he missed his daughter. He was really nice but he was obviously there just because someone had told him to get back on the horse.

I discovered that a lot of people throw themselves into it before they're ready.

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