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The section from Naples to Canosa was later renamed Autostrada A16, while the section connecting Canosa to Bari was integrated into Autostrada A14.

Day trips to Street may be spotted advertised as far away as Penzance and many Dorset and Devon resorts.

Some of the best Arts & Crafts terraces built for the workers, such as Wilfrid Road, themselves now attract visitors, featuring in many a study of British architecture.

Once arrived in that area of Street other points of interest are within only a few more minutes’ stroll, including the fascinating Shoe Museum (housed the clock tower based on one in Switzerland).

Many more families drive here throughout the year, not just in the holiday season.

Their destination, of course, is Clarks Village; a shopaholic’s dream amid brilliant floral displays. But Street’s reputation, especially for shoe and leather ware shopping, actually goes much farther back to nearly two hundred years ago when the original Clarks factory began to attract skilled shoemakers as word spread about the good working conditions fair pay, new housing and amenities like public halls.

The toll road is operated by the company Autocamionale della Cisa S.p. The franchisee's current toll charges are: car or motorcycle, €10.40; Overheight vehicle ( At the 9-km mark, drivers are welcomed by a curious monument, a tuft of steel and cement sculpted by Luigi Magnani and placed in the traffic island between the two carriageways.

The monument is visible to motorists coming from the A1.

A plan to extend the motorway route to the north through Fontevivo, Martignana di Po and Nogarole Rocca, linking to the A22 (the Autobrennero) around Verona, has been proposed.

Right opposite across the tree shaded lawns is the Greenb Bank Pool.

Street actually has two public Pools the other being indoor and used throughout the year. Strode Theatre has recently added a second smaller Studio Theatre between them they show everything from live transmissions from Covent Garden to both current and specialist films, live stage shows and concerts.

Police say the bodies of a man and woman were uncovered in the home at Peabody, north of Boston, late on Saturday night.

The victims, whose names have not been released, were shot dead and their bodies were found wrapped in rugs and plastic.

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