Most intimidating football uniforms

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The Kansas University football program late Tuesday night released yet another new-look uniform which will be worn during the upcoming season.

The uniform, dubbed Crimson Chrome features red pants, red jerseys, a red helmet (complete with a chrome face mask) with a huge Jayhawk head on the top and side and chrome numbers, letters and Jayhawks dotting the look.

“Red is associated with anger, fear and failure in human societies; in many animals red increases the likelihood of winning.

Yet, the findings of Hill and Barton (in 2005) that athletes in red win more often in four combat sports requires a re-evaluation, because their analysis may also be confounded by similar factors as described in our study for judo. “No effect of blue on winning contests in judo.” Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Dijkstra and Preenan just advise that researchers be careful to account for all contributing factors when investigating color-associated winning biases in sports.

Some of these associations between color and performance may still very likely be true.However, Dijkstra and Preenen point out several confounding factors that the previous study did not account for.Taking these factors into consideration, the researchers found that athletes in blue and white uniforms had equal chances of winning a contest.The new uniform comes on the heels of last year's uniform explosion which allowed the Jayhawks to mix and match tops, pants and helmets for triple-digit uniform options.This video, which shows the new red uniforms, uses the demo model.

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