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I hate to say it, but due to what I've studied, the answer does not lie in where we hope it would but in the non-abrahamic countries where the Aryan shouldn't reside -because many of our countries subscribe to christianity which is a branch of jewish rule. 58,4 percent of Sanoma WSOY is owned by Aatos Erkko, the richest person in Finland.

Finland has also the Yleisradio TV, which provides channels non-commercial channels YLE 1 and YLE 2, and lately also a special documentary and news channels for the digital TV.It is a state owned and controlled media, which has a mission, as stated in law, to provide quality content for the nation. YLE is directly controlled by the parliament and thus reflects the values of the elected officials, which currently politically means (Jewish controlled) Social Democracy.YLE has by far fewer amount of viewers than the commercial channels.For example the leading character actually gases skinheads almost to death in one episode, but is stopped by his Negro partner.Jeremiah is obviously intended as propaganda against nationalistic movements and in support of the Jewish New World Order.

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