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From: Michael Harding Date: Saturday 27 February 2010 10.27am To: David Thorne Subject: Re: Censorship David, your obvious disrespect for authority doesn't change the fact that soliciting money for the purpose of purchasing and selling drugs is a criminal offence under South Australian law.I advise you to remove the article and I will check that you have done so by 5pm tomorrow.Possession of less than 100g or one plant has been decriminalised but still carries a fine. I will be checking to see if it has been done by 5pm. From: Michael Harding Date: Sunday 28 February 2010 4.41pm To: David Thorne Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Censorship Ours. If the page is not removed or changed within the next 20 minutes I will be filing an order under the e-crimes act of 2006 to have the website shut down.When size always matters, Homegrown Big Cocks stands erect and tall to deliver an amazing peek into the best homemade sex videos featuring the most well hung amateurs.That is what they are ed at the college close to here. I went through a hippie faze but never skipped the bathing or shaving. I prefer the smell of a nice clean with a hint of his own smell. I do however understand the importance of censorship.

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You might not take this seriously but I can assure you that we do.

Due to the 24 hour UV lighting, my electricity bill this month is nearly four thousand dollars but I have an awesome tan.

From: Michael Harding Date: Sunday 28 February 2010 2.31pm To: David Thorne Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Censorship It isn't legal to grow even one plant which I'm sure you already know.

I do indeed take the matter seriously and will attempt to facilitate your request by 5pm tomorrow despite the fact that I am extremely busy this weekend.

I need to bury the two dead backpackers I have in the spare room as the smell is starting to attract suspicion. It is a fairly large job as one of the backpackers is American and will therefore require a hole several sizes larger than normal.

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