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He skillfully gives us a window into the mind of this closed-off character, and he doesn’t soft-pedal Sam’s ugly meltdowns, either, when things don’t go as planned.There’s some talk that an autistic actor should’ve played this role, but that complaint is shortsighted: An actor of Gilchrist’s caliber can do a tremendous job of humanizing a condition like autism, and he proves that here.The tone is more adult than you might expect: Sam abruptly announces in the pilot that he’d like to have sex as soon as possible, and his quest to lose his virginity is hilariously academic, as he diligently researches sex and dating like it’s a school science project he’s being graded on., but it isn’t as frantic or self-consciously “quirky”; it’s more patient, and isn’t afraid to dive into the very real sadness its characters experience.It has made the country of 9 million people one of the richest in the world per capita.

The oil was discovered in the 1950s, when the seven former British protectorates that now make up the Emirates were inhabited mainly by nomadic Bedouin tribes and the economy ran on fishing, date-farming and camel-herding.

”) He rattles off arcane facts about Antarctic sea life to strangers, whether they want to hear them or not. which, honestly, gives him a lot in common with just about every other teenage boy out there.

VIDEOS Atypical Trailer: An Autistic Teen Needs Some Lovin' in Netflix's New Comedy" href=" target="_self" rel="nofollow" ) nimbly navigates away from schmaltz.

Gilchrist’s performance is so strong, in fact, that suffers a bit whenever Sam’s off-screen.

Plus, there’s one unpleasant plot point with the parents that feels like it’s inserted just for the sake of being “edgy.” But even the non-Sam scenes have the same warmly empathetic feel as his scenes do.

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