Methodology for validating software metrics

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From work related emails, to corporate passwords, its all out there.

Billions and billions of individual pieces of data are floating around the internet, none of them really have any value individually but when put together and indexed they can become very costly.

Will we somehow manage to tier the existence in such a way that we become a totally separate set of entities, if so how will we exits, how would we manage to interact in a manner that is symbiotic with our fellow man who’s on the outside?

Are we possibly looking at population control through digitization?

Blocking methods are also important considerations we will cover.In this presentation, we will focus on methods through which red team operators can extend their reach further into the network after gaining their initial wireless foothold.We’ll begin with a quick recap on how to use rogue access point attacks to breach all but the most secure implementations of WPA2-EAP.There’s 7-8 Billion of us on this planet at the moment, if a large chunk of humanity decides to give up on its physical body and solely rely upon the digital resources for existence then there’s an argument to be made for the simple fact we’d be saving the planets resources (as long as the data centers could be maintained in a somewhat carbon neutral manner (which some have proved IS possible).Let’s face it, the industry is getting better at detection. Companies are focusing on getting logs from their endpoints and looking for abnormal patterns of behavior.

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