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I cringed at certain interviews: "Oh dude, don't say that." ULRICH: I said some things that were borderline silly. PLAYBOY: Do all these conflicts actually help the band?

When Limp Bizkit embraced Napster and took million to play this "free tour"—it is possible to play free shows without taking sponsorship money, because we do that—I said it was total bullshit. We went and lived with my stepbrother Dave, who's 10 years older. I got ahold of a guitar, and from the time I was 15, I rarely left my room. I've definitely channeled a lot of anger into the music. I can laugh about it now—hell, I was laughing about it then. PLAYBOY: It's three against one here: You're the only one against letting Jason release his record. HETFIELD: Some of us are just going to have to bend a little. ULRICH: You've used the word conflict a lot in the last 15 minutes. For whatever conflicts you keep talking about, we still find a way to exist as a working unit, and pretty much at the drop of a dime go onstage and kick everybody else's ass.

HETFIELD: My wife and I were giving birth to a second child [son Castor, born May 2000]. So Lars had to run with the torch, and there were a few bad moves.

You know, Lars can get really mouthy and be a snotty-nosed kid at times.

The day before the show, Napster's lawyers pulled him out of it. He bought Styx and REO Speedwagon, bands he'd heard of in Denmark. I would spend all my time sitting outside their hotel in Copenhagen, waiting for Ritchie Blackmore to come out so I could follow him down the street. "Oh yeah, we're going to get money out of these guys." Then set up and play for an hour or two and the Scottsdale cops come out and bust everything up and that's the end of it. I miss the excitement of taking off work early to set up the gear at the club. Fourteen bucks for a shirt, which was all the money in the world at that time. He said, "You've got to get the paper, dude." I remember tears hitting the paper and watching them soak into the print. A couple of my friends got together some money to pay for a 0 plane ticket to go do my audition. I was definitely frustrated, fed up and kind of feeling unliked. If you're going to fill the shoes of Cliff Burton, you have to be resilient. He is the only one who ever actually poisoned himself. Me, Jason, Kirk and Cliff were always experimenting with different things to a higher degree. You hang out with other musicians, and next thing you know, you have five guys crammed into a bathroom stall. ULRICH: I tried acid once; I was shit-fucking scared. PLAYBOY: By then, you were spending more time with your father. It was never a real father-son kind of thing again. When the band started, everybody would sit around proving their heterosexuality by gay-bashing and stuff like that. James hasn't had a lot of experience with gay people, and that's a large reason for being homophobic. Korn has a much better vocalist who is somewhat intelligent. Fans have always viewed Metallica as something they can rely on: We're always there, always strong, and that's a band. PLAYBOY: Tell us about the summer 1992 tour with Guns n' Roses, when a pyrotechnic explosion set you on fire during a show in Montreal. PLAYBOY: Speaking of pain, do you ever get headaches? Metallica usually does from 150 to 250 shows in a year.

They thought I would do something rude or obnoxious to him. PLAYBOY: Since you love Denmark so much, why were you in LA? I wasn't the best at talking—that came just from growing up in the environment I was in, kind of alienated. Once the band formed, I thought, I don't have to talk anymore. Then no one really understood what the hell the songs were about [laughs]. HETFIELD: I was raised as a Christian Scientist, which is a strange religion. I didn't make any money playing until I joined Metallica. And seven people show up but you still play like there are 700. We wore black armbands when we played our next gigs. PLAYBOY: They brought you to San Francisco for an audition. PLAYBOY: Pretty cheap that they didn't pay your airfare. PLAYBOY: OK, guys, who was the biggest drinker in Alcohollica? He would drink half a bottle of Jägermeister by himself, as well as drinking vodka. If me and James started drinking at the same time, six hours of hard liquor later, I would be passed out. HAMMETT: Jason's not so much of a drinker as the rest of us are. PLAYBOY: People who like fast music usually like fast drugs. I had a bad coke problem on the And Justice for All tour, but I pulled out of that, because it makes me depressed, basically. The only drug I've ever really engaged in is cocaine. A lot of people use it as a way to get closer to you, and you fall for that. HAMMETT: James used to be a raging, out of-control drunk, always fighting, always getting into trouble. I think a lot of that had to do with the passing of his father [in 1996, during the Load tour]. Like, "Oh, fucking faggot." Does that elevate you to some greater he-man status? PLAYBOY: We've heard James use the word fag jokingly. A lot of these bands get the right ingredients, the right formula, and—voilà—they have a metal band. I'm the only one who's not married, and music still plays the biggest part in my life. We've been the same guys since day one, essentially. HAMMETT: I have no qualms about not doing yearlong tours anymore.

People seemed to be more passionate about it than the presidential thing.

All of a sudden, these sewing patterns are being stolen and traded on the Internet.Computers make it seem like you're not stealing, because all you're doing is pressing a button. That's like calling someone "fatso." PLAYBOY: Maybe you were right on the merits. But common sense will tell you that you cannot do that if the guy next door is giving it away for free. Also, heavy metal has a community feeling—it brings outsiders together. HAMMETT: I couldn't figure out why all of a sudden I was handsome. HETFIELD: I remember getting awakened with shit flying all over the place. We were all in the hospital, and our tour manager said, "Let's get the band together and go." When he said the word band—it wasn't the right word. And they go, "You should have answered the door, bitch! ULRICH: It's a nice record, very bluesy, like a poppier version of Stevie Ray Vaughan's stuff. PLAYBOY: Wouldn't it be funny if Jason released his album on Napster? HETFIELD: I don't mind being looked at as the asshole in the band. As long as the fans think Lars is the asshole, that's fine [laughs]. PLAYBOY: You want loyalty and unity in the band, but if you're too much of a dictator, you can end up losing band members. On the road sometimes, we don't speak to each other for a week.But it's hard for people to sympathize with the rich. So it becomes about "these greedy rock stars." But understand, 80 million records later, I don't know what the fuck to do with all the money I have. PLAYBOY: When you started the campaign against Napster, did you know it would drag on so long? This whole Lars Ulrich-posterboy-for-intellectual-property isn't something I sought out. Heavy metal seems to attract all sorts of scruffy, lost animals, strays no one wants. I busted out the emergency window in my underwear, 20 degrees, and Cliff was missing. "Shit, we're not a band anymore." We went to the bottle and started drinking. " They grab the mattress and flip it over with me on it. NEWSTED: James is on quite a few records: In the South Park movie, when Kenny goes to hell, James is singing, and he's on just about every Corrosion of Conformity album. I can't play my shit, but he can go play with other people. Me and James Hetfield are the two most opposite people on this planet.ULRICH: What we've accomplished most is to bring an awareness to the American public.It turned into the first big issue of the 21st century.

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