Men dating plus size women

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I thought maybe attraction to plus size women was related to ethnicity and the idea that in the USA it’s common to see plus size women held up in the media as beautiful especially in the African American and Latin communities. The idea of a plus size woman being considered sexy in Australia doesn’t happen.

We’re the ‘before’ on the Biggest Loser, the mum, the funny fat friend, the relatable mate but never the desired.

I knew this would happen before I booked my ticket but it’s just something I accepted as part of coming home.

For decades I tried to prove my worth is more than my weight to no avail – so I literally had to move overseas to be seen.

My entire adult life (and I'm talking post-puberty so like, from 15 on) I have been a size 14 or a 16.

I'm a natural hourglass, and it's kind of crazy that I've lived this long being so damn insecure about it.

In fairness, I don’t think this happens to ‘regular’ size people either but the point is still valid.

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There is a change coming with models like Ashley Graham.

But the truth is undeniable: skinny women are better represented than size 16 women in the media, despite statistics making clear that we are now the country's most common size.

If we're so common why are we made to feel so ugly?

I also did things to bust this big booty out of my comfort zone.

For me this was going to a big girl nightclub (yes they exist) but by far the most interesting and effective way to meet single and eligible men was randomly ‘in the wild’. There’s zero chance of a random bloke on the street walking over, striking up a conversation and asking me on a date.

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