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Il obtient sa nomination au César du meilleur espoir masculin pour une seconde fois en 1994.Melvil tourne son premier téléfilm avec Benoît Jacquot dans Marianne en 1995.Sometimes, all by itself, it will take a great photograph. Né le 26 janvier 1973 à Paris, Melvil Poupaud est le fils de Chan­tal Poupaud qui a été l'atta­chée de presse de Margue­rite Duras.I didn't see you fall into my bucket and which was entirely my fault; I must have bumped into your web while reaching for a berry.Needless to say, I was surprised upon returning home with my bucket full, to suddenly see you there standing on a blackberry and looking up at me." - Marie (photo recreation of incident) Continue reading → From the Grand Poobah in Toronto: It was slightly chilly and I threw on my Toronto International Film Festival jacket and hurried out of the hotel.The movie highlights ten years in the life of a literature teacher named Laurence who transforms himself into a woman after years of concealing his feelings. It reflects very familiar feelings, and I believe that people who have loved deeply, who have loved hard and fiercely, they will recognize these feelings too. left me with a feeling of joy and sadness, all in once. Her tremulous relationship with her family is further complicated by revealing herself to them while she struggles to find comfort with her significant other Frédérique. I made an account on IMDb only to rate this movie and to write a short review, letting people know my opinion, so hopefully even more people will watch this movie. And no matter what, this is a great movie to educate people with potential prejudice against transsexual men or women.

Even though this movie is about a man who has the wish to become a woman, and even though the couple's struggle kind of revolves around that, I could identify so much with some of the things they go through together. Il joue sous la direc­tion des plus grands réali­sa­teurs tels qu'Éric Rohmer, et donne la réplique à Romain Duris, Caro­line Ducey, Kate Hudson ou Naomie Watts.Son jeu subtil lui permettent de se fondre dans n'importe quel rôle, même les plus nuan­cés, comme le démontre sa très impres­sion­nante inter­pré­ta­tion dans Le temps qui reste, de François Ozon, dans lequel il incarne un jeune homme en phase termi­nale.Côté vie privée, Melvil Poupaud a entre­tenu avec l'actrice Chiara Mastroianni une rela­tion de quatre ans à la fin des années 80.L'acteur a été marié à la roman­cière Geor­gina Tacou.

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