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On you'll find both natural as moderated profiles that contribute to the entertainment purposes.

Therefore physical contact may in some cases not be possible.

Alisha Yvonne has penned a great fast-paced read, and she hooks youfrom page one, not letting go until the end.

She hopes that Storm can provide her with the glamorous lifestyle that she so desparately craves.

When Ivy feels as if all hope is gone, she is broke and living in a motel she literally runs into Stormy Daniels.

Storm is a man making major moves, and money in Memphis!

Wanting torid herself of the turmoil her life has become, Ivy and Candy becomedangerous allies, a force not to be reckoned with.

With both womendetermined to take down anyone who gets in their way, one can onlywonder, who will survive.

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