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He lives in NC, loves sports, sleeping, and his wife (in that order).

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READ MORE: * Married At First Sight NZ expert shares tips for dealing with troublesome in-laws * Married At First Sight: Where are our favourite couples now?Mediaworks have repeatedly said this version of the match-making game is different from what our pals across the ditch have done in the past.How different remains to be seen, but as we meet our solo Kiwis taking lonely car rides through Auckland, so far, so familiar.* Ex-Bachelorette revealed as one of Married at First Sight brides * Married at First Sight NZ: Meet the experts There are gorgeous women relating dating to crabs (awkward), former Bachelorette's essentially trotting out "you may remember me from such reality dating shows as…" (very awkward) and men who seem completely stumped by the question: "what are you looking for in a wife? I'm sure the match-making process was super intense and sciencey, but the "experts" did remember to ask this pretty basic question, right?! The background music is getting so loud I almost can't hear the call for panic stations.Cutting through all of this wild and crazy fun (which seems very un-wild, and un-crazy), is the talking head telling us how it's getting harder and harder to find a life partner and none of us can make decisions and it's All. I'm happily married, and I'm starting to feel veeeery anxious.

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