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It’s hard when you’re dating a mama’s boy because you’re going to find he’ll increasingly want you to take over her duties.Related Link: 4 Ways to Know You’re Dating a ‘Man-Boy,’ Not a Man Now, you can try to break the boy out of mama’s cradle, but that’s not going to be easy. He enjoys it, and he expects any woman he dates to treat him the same as his mom does. She’d say it all the time too: “Dad did this for me, and Dad did that for me.” I felt like I was competing with her dad, and it drove me crazy.If this series sounds like something that you would like to be involved in you can send your information and story here via email [email protected]

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This series employs a real life Life Coach to help people just like you to make these changes in yourself and your world so that you can move on in your life a stronger, happier you.

This is an opportunity for you to get the experience and exposure that so many other now household names have recieved from historic reality TV shows such as ‘The Real World’ and ‘True Life’.

Are you or is someone you know a high school drop out or mama’s boy?

Mommy took such good care of them over the years, and while she’s still in their lives, you might always play second fiddle to her.

My dad would have his own special blueberries and sugar on top.

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