Love triangle dating game error setting system updating

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Through a series of personality and lie-detector tests, the dater observes the level of compatibility between himself and each of the suitors before eliminating one of the suitors at the end of the episode.featuring a dater and two suitors, with the suitors often having vastly different lifestyles and personalities. ===We will recommend you if you......===* Love movies, dramas and romantic fictions* Want to fall in love with a handsome guy* Want to enjoy a dramatic romance in APP* Interest in romance game or otome game* Like the shojo (girls') comics and animation* Like the romance drama* Want to experience the nervousness about love* Have interests in the mysterious love stories* Want to read a story with complex relationships* Want to read the sweet words which make your heart beating fast* Can't resist on Japanese style ikemen and Korea charming oppa===Features===- FLIRT with your crushes and fall in love!If you still need help after reading the FAQ, use the Contact Us button in the APP.Please be aware that we cannot respond to the APP Store reviews or Facebook posts.

Could this be true love or just another fairy tale?Neither show, however, was renewed for a second season.Love Triangle aired its final episode on August 28, 2011.The episode begins by discussing secrets' of each of the suitors' past.The suitors then take a personality test to see how compatible they are, especially in the subjects of lifestyle, money and sex.

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