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and not just casual sex, which I wasn’t interested in at that time, because I knew that as soon as I slept with a guy, my feelings for him would become very serious.

The fastest way to a woman’s heart is through her vagina, after all.

If they complain about it, it’s only because they’re used to winning, or they just hate losing. Similarly, when dating is perceived as a ‘game’, it is perfectly acceptable to lie about your intentions with someone, what type of relationship you might desire with them, or what you really think of them in order to score…

even though you’d never do that to a friend, to someone you actually cared about (unless you’re suffering from a mental illness or serious untreated trauma).

Let’s be boyfriend girlfriend and date exclusively! It was an escalation in this ‘game’, that feels more and more like a war; it was women dropping the ‘I can play you like a harp’ bomb right back on to the men who, they felt, had dropped that bomb on them first. Their ‘game playing’ wasn’t a gleeful, torturous emasculation of men they viewed as peons.

I care for you as a human person and as a woman, in a romantic manner! The show was a way for women to take their power back by being active sexually and romantically, instead of passive. Because even these women, trying so fucking hard to be independent and hold men at arms length, even this generation raised on “I need a man as much as a fish needs a bicycle” just wants to beloved.It’s not just women, either; despite the lamentations of rejected, earnest and lonely men.When I say ‘dating as a game’, I mean that potential mates aren’t beautiful, great people, humans worthy of love and affection, worthy of honesty and vulnerability, of our best.Which is why playing dating as a game is so hurtful, to all involved: because those who aren’t playing it expect better of you.They would have, could have, seen the best in you, and been part of bringing that best into your daily life, your every moment.

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